When people and businesses are facing an overwhelming legal issue, trying to navigate the often-murky waters of the law – any law – is a daunting proposition. To get peace of mind, and get clear, direct answers from an experienced legal professional, people seek Julia Martin’s counsel for sound guidance, knowledgeable counsel, and the reassurance that someone is “in their corner.”

Julia advises clients on a broad range of tax and business matters, from planning and compliance, through the audit process, to controversy and litigation. Julia’s practice focuses on corporate income, franchise, gross receipts, sales and use, and personal income taxes. Julia has significant experience advising individuals and businesses on New York State tax matters, having worked extensively on audits with the New York State Division of Taxation and Finance, as well as cases before the New York State Division of Tax Appeals, the New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal and the New York State Supreme Courts.

In particular, Julia focuses her practice on economic development tax credits such as New York’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP). Julia works with clients to understand the impact of the tax credits, analyzes project financial information and remedial alternatives to help clients seek the full allowable amount of available credits under applicable law, guides clients and their accountants through the process to claim the credits, and successfully navigates audits on those claims.