Sponsors are crucial to the success of NSCW, and bring an extra layer of value to the conference attendees. So it is important for us to bring great value to our sponsors.

No matter the size of your company, you are assured premium exposure to the brownfield industry’s leading professionals at the NSCW 2022 being held at the Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center on September 13-14, 2022!

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Thinking About Sponsorship at NSCW?

NSCW is BCONE’s flagship annual conference. It is an event that draws together professionals from across the entire Northeast Region and from all sectors of brownfield redevelopment.

By becoming a sponsor of NSCW, you get a unique opportunity to connect with brownfield leaders, stakeholders, and decision makers who are seeking information on processes, technologies and other resources that are instrumental in their work.

Whether your goal is gaining new business, staying top of mind with current clients, expanding your network, or simply remaining visible in the marketplace, BCONE is here to help! At #NSCW2022, you can put your brand in front of a high-powered, highly influential audience from across a wide geographic region that will have a greater impact on your bottom line.

NSCW provides the best opportunity to sustain and grow your business and position yourself as a leader in the field.

Sponsoring Snapshot

Sponsoring with NSCW provides companies with several opportunities to network with industry leaders and professionals.

Sponsors are encouraged to attend our live sessions, speaker events, networking sessions, and any other BCONE event during the conference! Check out the conference schedule closer to the event for times.

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Quick Overview of Sponsor Benefits by Industry Group

Consultant Benefits

  1. Timely updates on regulations and funding changes directly related to brownfield redevelopment projects.
  2. Scoop on trending topics to share with your clients (remediation requirements, legal, new opportunity areas, etc.).
  3. Fast download from at several states on their regulatory priorities, funding and environmental programs; creating opportunities to connect for consulting firms with offices around the northeast.
  4. Networking with other stakeholders (land owners/developers, government officials, etc.).
  5. Meet Contractors (specialized support for projects, etc.).
  6. PE and PG continuing ed credits available for multiple states.

Contractor Benefits

  1. Access to consultants, regulators, land  development  attorneys and grant writers and tax credit specialists.
  2. Source of identifying potential BF properties.
  3. Contributing to the industry (recognized as a contractor willing to invest in the association)
  4. Building your network so you can better serve your customers. 
  5. Promoting your company brand.  

LSRP Benefits

  1. Techniques to economically and timely meld investigation  with site redevelopment.
  2. Scoop on trending topics to share with your clients.

Attorney Benefits

  1. Networking to develop a portfolio of environmental professionals, contractors, investors and regulatory connections required in any successful BF project.
  2. Fast download from at several states on their regulatory priorities, funding and environmental programs.

Government Entity Benefits

  1. Effective way to disseminate regulatory changes to brownfield developers, environmental professionals, attorneys and the public.
  2. Learn what other states and the federal government are doing.

Note: All sponsorships must be paid in full for logo to be included in marketing materials.