Want the perfect opportunity to build customer relationships and brand loyalty, launch new products, and gain valuable connections with prospective clients and customers?

What better way to demonstrate your prominence in the brownfields community than sponsoring the 2020 Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop (NSCW).

Virtual Sponsorship Benefits

  • Position Your Business as a Leader in the Brownfields Community: As a sponsor/exhibitor, you can be a part of high-value conversations around the latest trends in redevelopment and sustainability alongside the world’s leading brands.
  • Meaningful Conversations with Prospective Customers: You will have the opportunity to reach and interact with potential clients and employees because our events attract many key audience segments and provide an engaging platform.
  • Increased Audience Engagement: The virtual hub and online community goes far beyond what we can normally offer in a 2-day conference. Now, there are even more opportunities for thought leadership, product demos, more daily events, and weeks (instead of days) of high-quality interaction.
  • Limited Sponsorships: Our specialized and targeted conference ensures your product or service won’t get lost in a crowd of hundreds of others. We guarantee you’ll be featured as a premiere redevelopment and sustainability solution.

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Quick View of Sponsorship Benefits

Download the Sponsorship Prospectus Here | Purchase Sponsorship Here