EPA just adopted new PFAS verified sampling methodologies calling the use of the Modified EPA 537.1 methodology being used by labs prior to the adoption of these methodologies into question, particularly for soil and sediment. There are now three new methodologies when prior to this there was only one methodology, which was being applied differently by different labs. This panel will discuss the legal ramifications of the data collected before and after this new verified methodology and the technical interpretations that consultants will have to apply to explain results if data from the same site before and after this new methodology differs. In addition, PFOA and PFOS is included on the tables under new verified methodology 537.1 and 533. The panel will discuss how both legal counsel and consultants will handle differing PFOA and PFOS results from these two different methodologies. In addition, this panel will evaluate case studies in NY and NJ where DEC and DEP respectively have been requiring PFAS remediation and monitoring (i.e. predominantly on brownfield sites) and where they have not been requiring remediation and monitoring (i.e. landfills and large PRP sites).