James D. Snook, PG, LSRP has over 20 years of experience as an environmental consultant, hydrogeologist, and professional geologist whose focus has been toward the innovative remediation of Brownfield sites throughout the northeast. As a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) since 2011, his top priority has been the protection of human health and the environment, while providing cost effective solutions. His career is focused toward preventing, monitoring, and remediating acute and chronic environmental hazards that may have the potential to affect human health, safety, and ecological sensitive receptors. As a non-profit volunteer, Jamie has been active on the BCONE Board of Directors since 2016.

Jamie has been applying his graduate degrees in Environmental Science, Hydrogeology, and Conservation Biology in his ongoing full-time studies toward a PhD in Sustainability Education, while temporarily inactive as a LSRP. Located in central Vermont, the Snook Solutions website is an educational outreach platform that is pursuing innovative solutions for climate change concerns in one’s watershed, including: community engagement, ecological literacy, sustainability pedagogy, transformational leadership skill development, climate event forecasting, sustainability and resiliency planning, watershed hydrology, pollution prevention, green remediation, fate and transport modeling, ecological monitoring, and watershed restoration.