Ethan Szerlip leads the Environmental Science team at EarthEfficient (EE). 

EE is an Environmental Advisory & Materials Management firm focused on the movement of construction site materials including clean and contaminated soils. EE is vertically integrated, as they manage both the donor source in addition to destination facilities in NY, NJ and PA. This creates flexibility that makes product import and material export a seamless and cost-effective process. 

EE’s environmental knowledge-base and exhaustive sampling plans encompass local, state and federal regulations, parameters and requirements. EE is a trusted partner to some of the largest real estate developers, contractors and environmental consultants and has been selected by the OER to operate the Clean Soil Bank Stockpile Site in Brooklyn NY. 

While Ethan is involved in environmental project reviews, documentation development and business development, he heads the Clean Soil Transfer Initiative at EE. By working closely with agency partners, NYSDEC and NYCOER, the goal is to preserve and keep as much native soil in NYC by treating it as a valuable resource for local reuse on other project sites. When keeping pristine soil in NYC, not only are economic advantages realized but sustainability goals such as emission reductions are achieved via reduced transportation. 

Ethan is LEED GA accredited and holds a BS in Environmental Studies from Tulane University. As a member of the BCONE Marketing/Membership Committee, he works to improve membership and social media outreach.