Mr. Findley has been involved with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Site Remediation Program for over 30 years. He started in the Water Resources Program as a project engineer, and two years later joined the Publicly Funded Site Remediation Program where he spent over 15 years overseeing the cleanup of SUPERFUND sites. He served 4 years in the Department’s Pilot Unit responsible for evaluating risk of abandoned contaminated sites for allocation of public cleanup funds. He also has several years of experience working in the State Voluntary Cleanup Program, overseeing the cleanup of residential, commercial, industrial & government-owned properties.

Mr. Findley also spent several years serving in the NJDEP Office of Brownfield Reuse, a unit that includes senior site remediation specialists who understand the need to improve the quality of life in our communities through the remedy of abandoned brownfield sites. In this position, Mr. Findley was assigned to the metropolitan northeast area of New Jersey, including Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, Union County, Middlesex County and Hudson County. Mr. Findley has worked in these urban communities during his entire tenure at the NJDEP.

Mr. Findley manages successful brownfield reuse projects that, in addition to addressing environmental and public health concerns, provide economic development, affordable housing and urban open space development opportunities. Currently, Mr. Findley is working out of the NJDEP’s newly-created Office of Brownfield and Community Revitalization – with the initiative to embed a seasoned environmental project manager at the ground-level within a community, where they can use their expertise to help communities effectively and appropriately address environmental concerns. Here, Mr. Findley work closely with community leaders, developers and government officials to facilitate brownfield remediation so they align with community priorities and plans.