Ann Carroll has worked for over 30 years on environmental and public health protection including lead poisoning prevention, risk communication and site cleanup. Ann has worked with the National Governor’s Association, the former US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and private sector employers.

Ann’s EPA career began in EPA New England’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks in 1989 before serving as the Regional Lead (Pb) Coordinator from 1992 to 1996. Ann worked in Sydney, Australia from 1996 to 2000, managing the Lead Reference Centre with the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority. On returning to the US, she worked with the National Safety Council lead poisoning prevention and leaded gasoline phaseout in India, Indonesia and other countries.

Ann has been with the US EPA Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization since 2002 working on revolving loan funds, petroleum sites, research and training, public health apart from a one year detail in 2005 on international children’s health with EPA’s Office of International and Tribal Affairs.
Ann has a BS in biology, an MPH in environmental health and a doctorate in Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences and Policy from the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is a guest lecturer on Sustainable Planning at George Washington University.