Angela Gallagher has been working in the environmental field for the past thirty years, and has worked with MassDEP for the past 15 years as an Environmental Analyst. She currently serves as Branch Chief for the newly-formed PFAS Branch under the Site Management section in the Southeast Regional Office of MassDEP in Lakeville. Ms. Gallagher currently manages several PFAS sites in the Southeast region as well as other complex sites contaminated with PCBs, CVOCs, petroleum, and emerging contaminants. Ms. Gallagher has worked in the Audits Section and the Emergency Response Section prior to working in the Site Management. Ms. Gallagher also acts as Assistant Brownfields Coordinator for MassDEP and is currently responsible for coordinating with EPA and writing petroleum eligibility determination letters and state acknowledgment letters for EPA Brownfields grant applications. Angela holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Allegheny College, PA.