The Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE) is excited to host the 2022 Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop (NSCW) as an in-person event in beautiful Stamford, Connecticut on September 13 and 14, 2022.

This year’s theme – A New Era for Equitable Development

As always, the workshop sessions are designed to give environmental experts a platform to assist other environmental consultants, developers, attorneys, and those in the real estate industry with  remediating brownfields and navigating commercial real estate incentives. At #NSCW2022, PowerPoint presentations will be sparse and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to share your experiences, hurdles and success stories as well as time to reconnect with colleagues, meet other experts in the field and enjoy your time in Stamford, Connecticut.

What You Can Expect

#NSCW2022 provides a unique opportunity to connect with brownfield leaders and stakeholders from across the region. Environmental experts share knowledge and information on processes, technologies and incentives for brownfields cleanup and redevelopment, environmental justice, community engagement, green and sustainable remediation, and equitable development; among other topics, that move brownfields toward sustainable reuse.

And because of the design of the conference, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to share your experiences, hurdles and success stories as well as time to reconnect with colleagues and meet other experts in the field while enjoying your time in Stamford, Connecticut. If you would like to be a conference presenter and share your expertise and experience with attendees, please click here: Call for Presentations. All submissions are due by 6:00 pm on Friday, June 3rd.

Discover the Latest Cutting-Edge Strategies and Systems to Make You Even More Effective and In-Demand in the Brownfields Industry

As an industry leader, it’s important for you to continually expand your knowledge surrounding the latest in brownfield and environmental remediation technologies. If you’re not familiar with the newest methods and best practices, the solutions you recommend to your clients may not be the most effective. In fact, it could be costing you and your clients valuable money and time! That’s what makes the Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop (NSCW) so important to industry leaders like yourself.

In its 13th year, the NSCW has developed a proven track record of gathering leading experts and government officials to communicate the latest on the issues that are impacting the industry. When you attend, you will come away with an expanded knowledge of the latest and greatest methodologies, along with a renewed sense of confidence in your client recommendations. The NSCW also provides an excellent opportunity to network and connect with the “who’s who” in brownfield redevelopment.

About the Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop

NSCW is the premier metropolitan workshop on identifying sustainable goals and strategies for revitalizing communities and brownfields. It has always evolved in response to new challenges and opportunities facing brownfields professionals and continually sets a new standard for the research and solutions that will shape the future of redevelopment and sustainability. With the growing activity in brownfield and urban redevelopment, sharing of success stories and failures becomes an important learning tool. This workshop is for those who would like to share their experiences and learn from others’ experiences in the environmental and real estate challenges of brownfield redevelopment.

About the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast

The Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation of brownfield remediation and sustainable redevelopment in the Northeastern United States. BCONE’s mission is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas/best practices on the benefits of brownfield remediation, resilience and sustainable redevelopment and to work with public, private and regulatory stakeholders in our region to facilitate economic activity and growth.