Just like the in-person conference, the virtual NSCW will provide Continuing Education Credits for varying professions. Those certificates will be provided at the end of the conference to all eligible attendees.

Professional Engineers

    • NJ – 6.5 Contact Hours
    • NY – 6.5 Contact Hours
    • MA, CT & PA – No CEC Requirements
    • DE – the licensee makes decision if engineering credits should apply

Professional Geologists

    • PA – on an honor system (they can receive 6.5)
    • NJ (falls under the NJ LSRP License)
    • MA (falls under the MA LSP License)
    • CT (falls under the CT LEP License)
    • DE – students can apply on their own at no fee

Legal Continuing Education

    • NJ – 6.5 CLEs
    • NY – 6.5 CLEs. NJ is a Group B jurisdiction for NY so they will honor NJ’s approval. NY reserves the right to ask to see the course materials.
    • CT – 6.5 CLEs. If a CLE course has been approved or accredited in another state, it qualifies for MCLE credit in Connecticut.
    • MA – No Continuing Education Requirement

Licensed Site Remediation Professionals

    • NJ LSRPs – Approved for 2 Technical CECs and 2 Regulatory CECs
    • MA LSPs – Resubmitted 6/25/2020
    • DE, NY & PA – No requirement for continuing education

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